The Basics of Weed Removal In Orange County

The Basics of Weed Removal In Orange County

Orange County Weed Removal

While combating weeds is an ongoing job, and many people ask, “Is this a weed?”, prevention should be practiced in early spring and fall to utilize turf grasses’ growing season. A lush green lawn is the best defense against weed growth, and a weed-infested yard is typically a sign of problems such as soil nutrient imbalance. For a healthy, weed-free lawn, homeowners should first focus on getting grass healthy before applying weed control methods.

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Effective Weed Control

Small weedy patches can be handled with digging or pulling. However, comprehensive, large-area Weed Removal is not typically well handled in this manner. For situations in between, a lawn care professional can advise a homeowner on the use of organic or chemical herbicides. To choose the right weed control method, customers should first understand some basic terminology.

  • Pre-emergent products work by keeping seeds from germinating and do little for established weeds. These are best used during the dormant season as a method of Weed Prevention in Orange County.
  • Post-emergent products work on growing plants by interrupting processes such as root growth and photosynthesis. These are best used when plants are in the growth phase and in fall when the plants are storing nutrients for the winter. These herbicides can kill what they touch, or they can be absorbed by an entire plant through soil application.
  • Selective herbicides only work on plants with certain enzymes or other chemicals. These are commonly used on grasses and broad-leaf plants.
  • Non-selective products kill every plant they touch and should only be used for spot treatments. Another variant, total vegetation products, kill every plant and sterilize the soil for a certain length of time. These should be used carefully.

Applying Knowledge to Remove Weeds

Now that homeowners know the terminology behind herbicides, there are some examples to consider. Glyphosphates are commonly found in commercially available products like Roundup, and they kill any growing plant they touch. Weed and feed products are intended to selectively kill weeds without affecting the grass. However, they can kill certain grasses, and the technician should check labeling before usage. Trifluralin is frequently found in weed prevention products, and it kills grass seeds along with weed seeds. A landscaper who specializes in Weed Control In Orange County will only use these in established planting areas.

Other Weed Control Products

Corn gluten is a naturally produced substance that keeps surrounding weeds from taking root. It is typically sold as a pre-emergent, organic herbicide that only works on broad-leaf weeds. Grass killers are selective, post-emergent products commonly used in planting beds to kill unwanted grasses. Lastly, combination products contain more than one type of herbicide. For instance, some products contain a short- and a long-acting herbicide to start killing weeds quickly and keep on working for up to one year.

Natural Weed Control

There are ways to inhibit weed growth without the application of potentially dangerous herbicides. The above-mentioned corn gluten is one safe, natural way to prevent weeds from growing, but there are other methods as well. Applying certain types of mulch or other artificial ground covers (such as gravel) can discourage weed growth while providing an attractive, drought-tolerant landscaping option for lawns in Orange County.

As with all chemicals, it is important for the applicator to carefully follow directions and to only use them if it is absolutely necessary. Herbicide application can affect plants in the surrounding areas, and it can taint ground water when used incorrectly. Therefore, customers should call on licensed, certified applicators for Weed Removal In Orange County. By choosing the right products, landscapers can help customers get rid of weeds quickly and efficiently.

5 Ideas You Can Put to Use from the World’s Most Unusual Gardens

Great Lawn Care Ideas can be hard to come up with without some inspiration

Gardening Services in Orange County

With the weather getting cooler, many gardeners will be spending more time indoors. The winter months can make for a great time to plan for the spring. Many amateur horticulturists instinctively look to the world’s most beautiful gardens for inspiration. Sometimes, gardens that stand out for other reasons can be even richer sources of ideas. Here are five gardens that stray from the norm and say something interesting and useful along the way.

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1: The Surreal, Untamed Beauty of Overgrown Las Pozas

Lawn Services in Orange County

Like a number of leading Surrealists, Englishman Edward James had a real affinity for the landscapes, history, and cultures of Mexico. James took his passion farther than most, building over the course of decades dozens of large, concrete sculptures on a 20-acre plot of rainforest in San Luis Potosí.

Since James died in 1984, the invincible forest has been coming back. Today administered in a fairly hands-off manner by a non-profit foundation, James’s Las Pozas sculpture garden has become an even more impressive place since his death.

With the natural rainforest embracing James’s artificial surrealism ever more closely, the likely fate of Las Pozas has aroused cries for protection from the World Monument Foundation and others. In the meantime, Las Pozas stands as a prime example of how a bit of wildness can advance a gardener’s goals in unplanned-for ways.

What You Can Put to Use: There’s no need to embrace Surrealism and live in exile in a central Mexican rainforest. Don’t assume that gardening is always about control, however. Letting go a little bit and seeing where nature takes your garden can be helpful, too.

2: The Succulent-Filled Exotic Garden of Monaco

landscaping in orange county

Gardeners are used to working with plants that thrive in the local climate. Where some chafe at what can seem like related limitations, others see a source of inspiration.

The creators of Monaco’s Exotic Garden searched the globe for succulents, recognizing that local conditions would accommodate many such alien species. Since 1933, the Gardens have hosted one of the world’s largest collections of cacti and other succulents, despite being located in a place not really known for them.

That dry cliff-side location, though, makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the beauty of succulents from every angle. Whether they are flowering late in the evening or standing stoically in the midday sun, succulents from around the world can be seen at their absolute best right on the outskirts of glitzy Monaco.

What You Can Put to Use: Think about your area’s climate and other features as strengths to be leveraged, rather than mere sources of frustration. Emphasizing those strengths does not always need to mean sticking entirely to native plants. Making good use of species from climatically similar places elsewhere in the world can be productive, too.

3: The California Academy of Sciences’ Hill-Covered Living Roof

 landscaping services

Living roofs are nothing new, but the one at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences certainly stands out. With nearly 90% of its surface covered by hills and rolling mounds, this particular living roof is no mere patch of grass.

All those curves and slopes are highly functional, too. They help channel and capture rainwater, while also allowing for the planting of species that thrive on hillsides. They make a real visual point, as well, helping the roof blend in with some of the city’s famous hills in the background.

What You Can Put to Use: A neat, orderly garden can achieve a certain kind of beauty. Adding elevation, slopes, and other vertical features can help a garden feel more natural and rooted in its surroundings. Straying from the horizontal plane can also open up new opportunities and help with challenges like drainage.

4: The Artigas Gardens of La Pobla de Lillet

Orange County Landscape Design

It can be disheartening to confront a garden that has suffered from neglect. Sometimes starting from scratch will seem like the simplest thing to do. When an architect as renowned as Catalan Antoni Gaudí laid the foundations in question, though, preserving what remains might be a better course of action.

Although the Artigas Gardens that Gaudí designed around 1905 were essentially abandoned and left to decay for decades, they have since been restored to a new form of glory. Evidence of earlier neglect remains on the bridges, walkways and other features that Gaudí created, but never detracts from the beauty of the gardens. A careful, considerate but parsimonious approach to restoring a unique and almost-forgotten treasure has been widely deemed a great success.

What You Can Put to Use: Every gardener will face failures and pressures from other obligations. While it can seem as if waiting for the right moment to start from scratch could be the only option, sometimes striving to salvage a project that has gone a little off the rails can be more realistic and rewarding. Nearly lost to history, what many consider Gaudí’s most distinctive gardens of all were restored through budget-constrained, low-key efforts that proceeded piecemeal for many years.

5: The International Space Station’s “Veggie” Production System

Herb Gardens in Orange County

Just about everything that appears aboard the ISS has a specific scientific purpose. The Station’s Vegetable Production System, or “Veggie,” is no exception. First deployed in 2014, it has just turned out its third full crop of lettuce, helping scientists make plans for the day when people might grow food on Mars.

While the ISS is far larger than the Earth-orbiting capsules that preceded it, space is very much at a premium. Veggie shows, among other things, how a little ingenuity and resourcefulness can allow for impressive gardening results in truly cramped quarters. While the low-gravity findings that Veggie is enabling might not impact home gardeners, there’s plenty to learn from the system in general.

What You Can Put to Use: Apartment dwellers and homeowners with smaller yards sometimes feel that gardening is out of reach. In fact, though, there are great ways of getting involved for just about anyone. Whether that means growing some fresh herbs in a window box, helping out at a community garden, or setting up a sophisticated hydroponic system, opportunities really do abound.

Once you have the perfect theme for you lawn ready give The OC Lawn Wizards a call because we offer professional and quality landscaping and lawn care services.

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How To Design A Drought Tolerant Landscape That Doesn’t Look Awful

Tips for Planting a Great-Looking, Drought Tolerant Landscape

Drought Tolerant landscaping in orange county

Drought Tolerant Landscaping used to be a hard sell, but times have definitely changed. Where clients used to want green (and plenty of it), lawns required an abundance of thirsty trees and grass. While that attitude is still prevalent in some places, California landscapers are now turning to drought-tolerant plants to cut costs and save natural resources. Here is a roundup of the top drought-resistant trees and shrubs for the state of California as well as some tips to help homeowners make the right choices.

Before we get into the specifics make sure you take a moment to download the Free Consumer’s Guide to Lawn Care in Orange County so you have all the details you need to make an informed landscaping and lawn care decision.

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Planting in the Front Yard

There are some basic things to consider when choosing plantings for a front lawn. A Lawn Maintenance professional can help a homeowner choose plants that are more compact to make the yard feel tidier. Deciduous and evergreen pants look great year round, even in the dry season. Customers should consider plants with varied textures and colors, and they should pick plants that reflect the home’s architecture.


  • Redbud trees are low water consumers, yet they produce brilliant blossoms in the springtime.
  • Tabebuia varieties are sometimes referred to as golden or pink trumpet trees because of the shape of their blossoms.
  • Arbutus marina is a broad-leaf, evergreen tree requiring minimal watering and care.
  • Olea wilsonii are fruitless olive trees that create little mess.
  • Carolina laurels have intense green foliage and they flower in the springtime.
  • Rhus lancea, or African sumac, are evergreens with long, sword-shaped leaves.

Ground Cover and Shrubbery

Myoporum makes a great lawn substitute. They are resistant to consumption by deer, they grow equally well in the sun or the shade, and they produce small pink flowers during the summer. Callistemon are midsized evergreen shrubs with red flowers, and coffeeberry bushes have dark, shiny leaves and red berries. Salvias and sedges are both pollinators that add a much-needed dash of color during a drought, and agave can add contrast and texture.

Choosing the Right Plants for a Drought-Tolerant Yard

Landscapes should be hardy, but they should also enhance the home they surround. Some residential lawns require more Lawn Care in Orange County, and customers should consider the following tips when making their selections.

  • Choose plants that are durable enough to stand up to heavy traffic
  • Consider plants with year-round appeal
  • Select plants with significant visual interest, such as purple grasses, manzanita, or arbutus

Making the Right Choices for Sloped and Graded Lawns

Most of California’s developable land is situated on hillsides, and landscaping these areas requires much consideration. Most of this land borders on natural, wide-open spaces, and choosing native plants allows areas to regenerate while conserving precious natural resources. A landscaper will consider these factors when making an installation on a slope.

  • They will plant fire-resistant plants close to the home if wildfires are a concern
  • They will add native plants wherever possible to save maintenance, money, and water
  • They will add more showy plantings to enhance edges near pathways

Lawn Care Companies Can Help Customers Dig Deeper Into Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Along with an increased awareness of the importance of water conservation is a significant amount of online resources devoted to drought-resistant planting. A quick Google search will yield a long list of fire- and drought-resistant plants, and the University of California’s Sonoma Master Gardeners have created a list of shrubs, vines, and perennials that require little to no Orange County Lawn Maintenance.

In the past, customers assumed that knowing What To Plant In Orange County meant filling their yards with gravel and boring, nondescript little plants. However, the exact opposite is true. By following the above tips, choosing the right plants, and working with a landscaper who has a focus on conserving water and other resources, California homeowners can get a yard that looks great no matter how dry it gets.

The Top 5 Edible Plants To Grow In Orange County (Autumn Season)

The Top 5 Edible Plants To Grow In Orange County (Autumn Season)

Best Edible Plants to Grow in Autumn
Edible plants thrive in the cooler months so, if you want a garden full of vegetables, it’s important to start planning early in the season. There are 5 Edible Plants To Grow In Orange County (Autumn Season) that will enhance your diet and ensure your family is eating the healthiest meals possible. Although there are a lot of Edible Plants to Grow in Orange County, these five are essential for any home garden.

But remember knowing what plants to grow isn’t going to help if you don’t have a properly maintained lawn and garden. Make sure you have all the information you need before you start by downloading the OC Consumer’s Guide to Lawn Care in Orange County First.

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Garlic is one of the easiest cool weather plants to grow. It is tolerant of a lot of different types of soil, so it’s likely it will grow in your garden. When choosing a location for garlic, look for an area in a valley where cool air collects. Garlic also needs a lot of sunlight, so avoid shaded spots near the house or under trees. This is one of the Best Plants to Grow During Autumn because it can produce enough to last the entire year.


Radish can grow well in pots as well as in raised beds. This root grows best in cool weather and makes a nice, colorful addition to fall salads. It’s important to pay attention to the growing times on your radish. Be sure to harvest your radishes before they sprout flowers. If they are allowed to stay in the ground that long, they’ll be too tough to eat.

Green onions

In this part of the country, green onions should be planted in October. Southern California gardeners should be sure to choose the short day variety of onions to ensure they grow properly. The long day onions are more suitable for the northern states. Onions should never be planted too deeply in the ground. This is one of the Plants to Grow in Orange County because green onions are ready to harvest within three months.


When planted at the right time of year, spinach takes about seven weeks to mature. Planting it too early will result in bolting, which will make the leaves bitter. Spinach should be planted in sunny to partly shady areas near the surface of rich, loose soil. This plant doesn’t have to be harvested all at once. In fact, you can harvest part of your spinach and leave the rest to harvest later in the season.


Pumpkins need a lot of space to grow. Choose a rich, well-drained soil for your pumpkins. They have a long growing season and need a lot of nutrients. Preparing the soil in advance can ensure the pumpkins grow well. Mixing the soil with manure or compost will provide the nutrients young pumpkins need to get started. Many people grow pumpkins because they are such a versatile food. They can get used for baking pies, the seeds can be roasted, and the rind is used to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.

The Best Edible Plants to Grow in Orange County are those that grow best in rich soil. If you want to grow your own foods, the climate offers a lot of options throughout the year. It’s not only more convenient to eat fresh vegetables from your garden, it’s also healthier because you’ll know exactly which type of soil your food was grown in and which, if any, pesticides were used before it was harvested.

Growing in the autumn season allows you to serve a wide range of foods to your family. Many of the fall crops can be frozen to eat throughout the year. Whether you enjoy having fresh salads with your lunch or dinner or you like to prepare hearty foods with garlic in the cooler months, you can get almost everything you need from your garden.

Once you have your garden up and running its a great idea to invest in professional landscaping services and gardening services like those found at The OC Lawn Wizards because it will help your Garden and Lawn thrive!

Warning! Do Not Use Any Lawn Care Services In Orange County Until You Read This!

What You Need To Know In Orange County Before You Purchase Lawn Care Services

When the term Lawn Care Service is heard, many things may come to mind. Some individuals think of landscapers, yet others think of companies that do nothing more than mow the lawn and fertilize it. Three terms are often used interchangeably, including landscaping service, lawn care service, and lawn maintenance, yet they mean very different things, and homeowners need to recognize this. By doing so, homeowners can ensure they call in the right professionals for the job they wish to have carried out at their residences.

We couldn’t fit all of the details into this quick post so I highly recommend downloading the Free Consumer’s Guide to Lawn Care in Orange County before you make any Lawn Care or Landscaping purchases.

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Landscaping Service involves the planting of trees and shrubs in a yard along with the initial seeding of the yard, yet this niche goes much further. It actually encompasses many other areas, such as hardscapes. The landscaper looks at the big picture and focuses on how all elements in a yard work together. The landscaper designs the area, plants the desired foliage, and incorporates other elements into the space. This may include installing lighting fixtures, putting in a patio or deck, or adding an irrigation system. Many lawn care services don’t take on these tasks. Tasks that fall under this category typically are only completed one time and the work is done until the property owner opts to make a change in the landscape.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care Service centers more around the services that make the yard beautiful—tasks the average homeowner may not wish to take on. This includes seeding of the yard, fertilizing the lawn and aerating it to allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. Furthermore, a lawn care service may handle turf plug planting, weed control, and pest elimination, among other things. These tasks don’t occur every week or month, yet should be done routinely based on the needs of the yard and the desires of the homeowner.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance comes into play after the lawn care service has done its work. Maintenance tasks vary by the property being addressed, yet include routine tasks such as mowing the lawn and trimming any shrubs. They may handle edging of the property or prune trees, depending on the service selected, and often install mulch in desired areas. These tasks need to be completed on a regular basis, many weekly or biweekly, to ensure the lawn remains lush and adds to the overall appeal of the home.

How Great Lawn Care Increases The Value Of A Property

Lawn improvements pay for themselves in a very short period of time. reports that a homeowner receives a 100 to 200 percent return on their investment when they boost the landscaping of the home. This often leads to up to a 15 percent increase in the overall value of the home. Not only does the landscaping help to improve the curb appeal of the residence, but it also extends the living space of the home, as the outdoor area can be used for a variety of purposes.

Why OC Lawn Wizards?

When you need work done to your lawn, whether it be landscaping, lawn care, or lawn maintenance, call on OC Lawn Wizards. This company offers a 200 percent guarantee. In the event a customer is not satisfied, the company works to fix the problem for free and, if the customer remains unhappy, a full refund is issued. This in only one of the many reasons OC Lawn Wizards consistently gets high customer ratings. There are no long-term contracts, no upsells, and no hidden fees. The customer remains in control at all times, and an appointment can be booked in only 60 seconds.

All professionals working for this company undergo background and reference checks. In addition, they must pass practical lawn care exams to ensure they understand what is required in the caring for a lawn. OC Lawn Wizards brings many years of experience to every customer encounter, and they are motivated to do their best at all times. Service, community, and honesty are all values this company has been built on, and customers feel comfortable when OC Lawn Wizards is on the job.

A gorgeous lawn adds to the value of any home. Taking care of the lawn is one task, however, that many homeowners feel they aren’t equipped to take on themselves or find they lack the time to do so. If this is the case, it’s best to call in the professionals. They can ensure the lawn looks great at all times and truly adds to the beauty of the residence.