The Basics of Weed Removal In Orange County

The Basics of Weed Removal In Orange County

Orange County Weed Removal

While combating weeds is an ongoing job, and many people ask, “Is this a weed?”, prevention should be practiced in early spring and fall to utilize turf grasses’ growing season. A lush green lawn is the best defense against weed growth, and a weed-infested yard is typically a sign of problems such as soil nutrient imbalance. For a healthy, weed-free lawn, homeowners should first focus on getting grass healthy before applying weed control methods.

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Effective Weed Control

Small weedy patches can be handled with digging or pulling. However, comprehensive, large-area Weed Removal is not typically well handled in this manner. For situations in between, a lawn care professional can advise a homeowner on the use of organic or chemical herbicides. To choose the right weed control method, customers should first understand some basic terminology.

  • Pre-emergent products work by keeping seeds from germinating and do little for established weeds. These are best used during the dormant season as a method of Weed Prevention in Orange County.
  • Post-emergent products work on growing plants by interrupting processes such as root growth and photosynthesis. These are best used when plants are in the growth phase and in fall when the plants are storing nutrients for the winter. These herbicides can kill what they touch, or they can be absorbed by an entire plant through soil application.
  • Selective herbicides only work on plants with certain enzymes or other chemicals. These are commonly used on grasses and broad-leaf plants.
  • Non-selective products kill every plant they touch and should only be used for spot treatments. Another variant, total vegetation products, kill every plant and sterilize the soil for a certain length of time. These should be used carefully.

Applying Knowledge to Remove Weeds

Now that homeowners know the terminology behind herbicides, there are some examples to consider. Glyphosphates are commonly found in commercially available products like Roundup, and they kill any growing plant they touch. Weed and feed products are intended to selectively kill weeds without affecting the grass. However, they can kill certain grasses, and the technician should check labeling before usage. Trifluralin is frequently found in weed prevention products, and it kills grass seeds along with weed seeds. A landscaper who specializes in Weed Control In Orange County will only use these in established planting areas.

Other Weed Control Products

Corn gluten is a naturally produced substance that keeps surrounding weeds from taking root. It is typically sold as a pre-emergent, organic herbicide that only works on broad-leaf weeds. Grass killers are selective, post-emergent products commonly used in planting beds to kill unwanted grasses. Lastly, combination products contain more than one type of herbicide. For instance, some products contain a short- and a long-acting herbicide to start killing weeds quickly and keep on working for up to one year.

Natural Weed Control

There are ways to inhibit weed growth without the application of potentially dangerous herbicides. The above-mentioned corn gluten is one safe, natural way to prevent weeds from growing, but there are other methods as well. Applying certain types of mulch or other artificial ground covers (such as gravel) can discourage weed growth while providing an attractive, drought-tolerant landscaping option for lawns in Orange County.

As with all chemicals, it is important for the applicator to carefully follow directions and to only use them if it is absolutely necessary. Herbicide application can affect plants in the surrounding areas, and it can taint ground water when used incorrectly. Therefore, customers should call on licensed, certified applicators for Weed Removal In Orange County. By choosing the right products, landscapers can help customers get rid of weeds quickly and efficiently.

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